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April 11, 2012


Social media has made it easier for recruiters to build and nurture connections, ultimately increasing the efficiency with which a recruiter can source quality candidates. However, current social media usage by recruiters varies greatly. Take a look at the differences in how recruiters use the ‘Top 3’ social networking sites and which ones are most effective for reaching candidates.

No prizes for guessing that LinkedIn is the most frequently used network by recruiters, with Twitter being close second and Facebook not far behind.

According to this report by Bullhorn, they expect increased social engagement from recruiters. The report evaluates the current social network activity among recruiters and suggests several interesting insights. First, the findings suggest that recruiters are connected to all three social networks, but are using LinkedIn and Twitter much more than Facebook to recruit talent.

While they found that LinkedIn is driving the most views and applications per job posted on the “big three” social networks, the analysis shows that Twitter followers are much more likely to apply for a job than connections on LinkedIn or friends on Facebook. Overall, Twitter and Facebook appear to be highly under-utilized networks for recruiting, but we expect that behavior to change during 2012.

Source: Bullhorn Reach

January 7, 2012

Social Recruiting, how to get started

Today, staffing and corporate recruiters can leverage social media to post jobs and recruit talent, but it’s still new for a lot of organizations. This e-book will show you how to set up your social media profiles and highlight some social recruiting tips for finding the right talent for your business.

Hands-on and full of resources, with special thanks to Bullhorn Reach.