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March 11, 2013

Here is what you can do today to help your e-reputation

e-reputation is something you need to monitor and act upon whether you are a brand, a personality, a non-profit organization.

Here is a list of some social media monitoring tools you can start using today, and keep touch with what’s being said out there.

This is part of a more complete study I carried out on the use of social media with HR. Interested in knowing more? Get in touch and start interacting. Looking froward to hearing from you!

GOOGLE ALERTS: market leader, tracks back new pages on a topic appearing in Google searches, (Web, news,…). Google Alerts is also very useful to start listening on a specific topic.

Alternatives : Giga Alert, Social Mention, Favebot.

PIPL tracks what is being said about personalities in the US

NAMECHK looks for similar brand names or pseudos on 72 on line platforms

YOUSEEMII tracks whatever is being said on a company or a person. Also tracks content in French. Tracking and visibility monitoring, allowing for comparisons.

TOPSY tracks your e-reputation on Twitter, based on keywords or specific topics. Pro version offers additional services: clear dashboard and easier content reading. Tracks content up to 5 days back. To allow for more, check

SOCIALMENTION, searches more than 70 online platforms. Allows you to select different types of content: blogs, videos, audios, microblogging,etc. Socialmention also has an embedded alert system pushing any new content into your instant messaging system.

RADIAN detects and manages interactions with influencers.

ALERTI  allows tracking, analytics, reporting/sharing in collaborative mode with influencers and targeted communities.

ATTENTIO measures your “buzz” level vs. your competitors, with analysis of  time break.

SENTIMENTMETRICS : tracking, reporting and analytics. Presents results as volume of informations and sentiment analysis (neutral/positive/negative). Allows for analytics.

SYNTHESIO measures influence, benchmark vs competition, identifies“influencers”, and alerts you if negative buzz kicks off somewhere.