Here is why -and how to- use Prezzi instead of PPT.

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Update: Given the success of this post, I added another Prezi tips post: “Another 7 great Prezi tips”


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Spending a little time browsing around for cool prezi tips today, I found a few gems and thought I’d share them here. 

First, the basics:

1 First create your basic structure close up,  then add details zoomed-in

This is in line with the best approach to build presentations in 5 steps. In Prezi, focus first on getting the big picture sorted, then add the details. The big picture should be closest to the eye, the details can be smaller, zoomed in. Use the layers.

2 If you already made a relevant PPT, import it into Prezi

Yes, you can import PPT into prezi! Watch this movie to see how. Once you have done that, you can place your slides in order to:

  • Create structure
  • Show level of importance using size/zoom features
  • Groups slides together using frames..
  • Add formatting, images, arrows etc

3 Don’t overdo movement

Of course, the movement in Prezi is one of the cool selling point features that make us like it, but as with any presentation, your content needs to be minimum effective dose : do what only is necessary to support your needs or message.

  • Use movement to show the relationship between elements and to support the story-telling of your prezi
  • Make small steps between things that will be discovered “quickly” over the course of your actual presentation to the public
  • Use big steps to mark the transition between different parts of your presentation structure

4 Don’t worry about paths until the end

If you followed the first tip, then you know what your path is going to look like more-or-less. Playing with paths before you put in all your content is going to be a waste of time. You WILL go back to change things, so save this step until the end…

Now, the good stuff… let’s get visually beautiful!

5 If you want your rotated text to still look rotated in “SHOW” (presentation) mode, you can..

Just put an invisible frame around it and point to that (instead of the text itself) when you create your path.

6 Use 3D backgrounds

The guys at Prezi send me emails with tips from time-to-time and this is one of my favourites. The backgrounds that are possible with 3D and multiple 3D are awesome.

Follow this link to see how to do it…

7 Make stuff appear from no-where

As I saidabove, it is important to focus on minimum effective dose and in general I’m not a fan of PPT animation. BUT: Sometimes it can be handy to have things fade-in onto the screen just like we do in PPT. Follow this link to see how to achieve this in Prezi.

8 If you are using webpage “screenshots” in your Prezi, make them AWESOMELY GOOD quality

Because of the zoom feature in Prezi, what looks good when screen-captured from the web can look pretty bad when you zoom in. If you want to do a good job of zooming in on things you screenshotted from the web DO NOT use print-screen on your computer:

  • Instead, create a PDF of the web-page you want to show
  • Use this website to do this for free:
  • Import the PDF image of your web-page into Prezi and it will be super high-quality at all zoom levels a side-note here, if you do screenshot things, set your computer screen preferences to 1024 * 768

9 For images, don’t use JPEG. Use PDF.

As a basic principle, Prezi zooms better with PDFs because PDF images don’t get pixelated close-up. If you find something nice and its not in PDF format already, try this:

  • Copy-paste your image into a software like PPT
  • Save to PDF
  • Import into Prezi

10 Keep your marketing department happy by using your company colours

You can do this by manually custom formatting the colours + fonts via the theme wizard in Prezi

11 My personal favourite apart from the 3D tip = make a big bold call-to-action that contains all your content inside it…

No idea what I mean? Watch this video to see how sexy-fonts can help you make beautiful Prezi presentations…

Be more efficient in Prezi by using these 4 tips…

12 If you want to move multiple objects, hold down the shift key when selecting objects with your mouse. Just like in PPT…

13 Prezi has shortcuts too!

Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use when creating your Prezi online or on the desktop version:

14 Choose good Prezi titles for search engine optimisation

Presentations published on the Prezi platform are found by Google. If you want your Prezis to be found by Google-searchers, then use good keywords, eg: Your company name + content-related words.

15 Give your audience a hand-out

Easy! Just click on “print” in Prezi and save a PDF



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  1. Here’s another 7 tips on my blog-page

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