Should your business be on Pinterest (and why)?

Love the infographics, and the “why’s” covered by Francis Santos on Soshable. Especially the fact that you business should be (made) visually attractive.

Is your business on Pinterest yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for? After all, it’s only quite possibly the hottest thing going in the social media space today. From tasty recipes to artistic photo galleries, this site is showing that it can be incredibly useful for sharing almost everything visual. We have clearly reached the point where we can say this thing is not a fad. Pinterest is a bonafide powerhouse social marketers can no longer afford to ignore.

More Traffic Your Way

One of the main reasons more social marketers are giving Pinterest a closer look is because of its ability to drive traffic. Sure, the site is still operating on an invitation-only basis, but that has not stopped it from racking up more than 10 million users in a very short amount of time. While this number has nothing on Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+, it is significant, and shows that the site has enough of an audience to send a decent amount of traffic your way. The other part of this lies in the fact that Pinterest allows you (and others) to pin all types of stuff to virtual boards, stuff that links back to your website, blog, or favorite social hangout.

Tremendous SEO Value

Pinterest also offers plenty of SEO value, which as you know, could translate to an increase in traffic as well. As we alluded to above, when you or another user pins content to a given board, that process creates a link that connects to a third-party site. Linking is one of the key factors search engines like Google take into consideration, and with Pinterest gaining in popularity, it is also growing as a trustworthy domain. Combined, these two variables can play a huge role in increasing your visibility and traffic through the search engines.

Great for Branding

Another thing social marketers are learning about Pinterest is that it can be a phenomenal branding tool. Mashable, Whole Foods, and NFL team the Minnesota Vikings are just some of the brands that have decided to establish a presence in this thriving new social channel. So what can Pinterest offer a brand? A platform that makes it easy to create both exposure and community around a product, company, or topic. Just like other social networks, this one has features such as following and commenting, so you can reach out and really start engaging your audience if you put the right tools to use.

Pinterest is everything we’ve seen before with a fun twist that makes it truly unique. It’s simple, straightforward, and versatile enough to support a wide variety of needs. Keeping up with all the trends can be hectic for the dedicated social marketer, but if you can handle one more tool, this would be the one to add to your juggling act. Pinterest is receiving rave reviews from the marketing community, so why not jump in and see what all the fuss is about?

Pinterest for Business

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