Adapting your onboarding processes to multigeneration needs

Madeline Laurano at Bersin and Associates believes that we are falling being in our ability to onboard multi-generational Millennials. In her report, “Onboarding a Multi-Generational” she describes these key findings:

  • The majority of organizations are customizing their strategic onboarding process by job roles but fail to consider the implications of a multigenerational workforce
  • Organizations with a multigenerational onboarding process are effectively leveraging social media.
  • Best practice organizations employee a manager who is directly responsible for the onboarding process.
  • Onboarding systems have plenty of opportunity for growth in today’s market. Despite a strong demand for employee engagement, the key drivers for onboarding are forms management and compliance.
  • Team building initiatives are critical when onboarding younger generations. Industries with organizations automating the onboarding process are also the same industries that have had an onboarding program in place for over a year.

Baby Boomers Best Practices

  • Focus on the Process Over Socialization
  • Clearly Defined Onboarding Roadmap
  • Frequent Feedback Mechanisms
  • Traditional Recruitment and Retention
  • Mechanisms (Benefits, Retirement Plan)
  • Forms Management
  • Show Respect
  • Extend Onboarding Beyond 6 Months

Generation X: Best Practices

  • Mentor Program
  • 30-60-90 Day Performance Reviews
  • Forms Management and Tasks Management
  • Planned Lunches On Day One (53% or
  • respondents)
  • Pre-Employment Gift

Generation Y Best Practices

  • Internal Social Networking
  • Enable Contribution
  • Assignment on the First Day (17% of companies)
  • Interactive Media Tools
  • Socialization in the Company Culture
  • “New Hire Clubs”
  • “Buddy System” (47% of companies)
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Link Onboarding to Learning-RWD Technologies

Are you modernizing your way of onboarding?

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