Coca-Cola ex-CEO’s shortest speach on work-life balance

I find it particularly interesting to read this recent speech, by Bryan Dyson, former Coca-cola CEO, and for 4 reasons:

– it is a perfect reflexion oh wat the supposedly Gen Y expects from its employer: respect,for work-life balance, “I have a life outside the office” (which is as important, if not more)

– this message was highly tweeted, posted on Facebook and other social media and not only in positive terms? some think this is just b…..shit : great employer branding or not?

– the current economic climate probably lends itself for this type of initiative, which would have been controversial even a few years ago

– it comes from the (ex)- top. Who chooses to express and share it widely, still using former company’s name Coca-Cola as a reference

So what do you think about this initiative? Seen something comparable recently? Feel free to comment…

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