What you get is what you give, Gen Y Recruitment

Gen Y is particularly sensitive to Corporate Social Responsability. Learn in this article, posted on TalentMinded, how you can make this work for your brand as an employer.

With special thanks to Autumn McReynolds for great content!

Showcase Community Involvement: A Recruitment Marketing Lesson in Giving Back

January 3rd, 2012
Use Recruitment Marketing to Tell Candidates Your Story About Charity Work

When competing for talent in a tough market, intangibles like company culture can help give you the edge when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best. A recent study from Deloitte found that 61% of Millennials who rarely or never volunteer consider a company’s commitment to the community when choosing an employer.

While there’s traditional community involvement and providing new ways for employees to volunteer, social giving projects create a unique opportunity to give back, showcase your company’s dedication to the community and grow your talent network at the same time.

Decide What Matters

Flipping their motto “Chase What matters” to “Decide What Matters,” Chase’s Community Giving program recently gave $3 million in charitable donations to over 100 charities – all based on votes. The highest-voted charity received $250,000 for their cause, and the other top 99 also received funds.

Recruitment Marketing Lesson in Giving Back

While your organization might not have the resources to donate millions of dollars, you can still find ways to creatively leverage your existing community involvement through social media and other recruitment marketing techniques. Another great example of giving back via social media is SCA’s Red Cross campaign, which donated 1 Euro to the Red Cross for each new fan gained throughout the month of November.

Chase’s Community Giving campaign also exemplifies lesson number nine from our consumer to recruitment marketing campaign lessons – making content sharable. Because different charities and their supporters were awarded funds based on their number of votes, Chase made it easy to share, “like” and comment on favorites.

By following their lead and giving back to the community, potential employees are more likely to consider you an employer of choice. And remember, don’t be shy about sharing charity and volunteer opportunities with your talent community. You can post photos and testimonials on your corporate careers site or Facebook careers page for more visibility.


Mandy Cornish

Author: Mandy Cornish

Mandy Cornish graduated with a degree in journalism and when that didn’t pan out (surprise, surprise), she found a new home in social media marketing. She also works to create unique events throughout Chicago with her company, Booth25. Connect with Mandy on Twitter @setsko or at linkedin.com/in/amandacornish.

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